About Our Funders

We are supported by a variety of funders including organisations and individuals who have a vested interest in safeguarding children, young people and communities in relation to the core issues that we work with: Gang Centred Violence, Substance Misuse and Mental Health, Youth and Sexual Violence, Grievance and Ideology, and Extremism and Radicalisation.

We provide training in a variety of settings and if your organisation or community group needs help tackling the core issues we help to resolve, then we’d love to hear from you…


Governments, local authorities, prisons, hospitals, schools and unions all have a duty of care to safeguard their communities and individuals, be that directly with the most vulnerable or through training and support for those working with them.

Grant Giving Bodies

We work closely with grant giving bodies, whose objectives are closely aligned with our work and therefore have a vested interest in what we do.

NGOs & Charities

We work with NGOs and charities in order to deliver certain very specific aspects of safeguarding.


Many businesses have a vested interest in tackling the issues we are trying to resolve as part of their social responsibility policies. Equally, many have diverse workforces who also need training and support to work with young and vulnerable people.