About Us

At Safe Space Group we are a not for profit organisation that provides training and mentoring across a wide array of community safeguarding issues

Our Purpose

At Safe Space Group we are a not for profit organisation that provides training and mentoring across a wide array of community safeguarding issues: Gang Centred Violence, Substance Misuse and Mental Health, Youth and Sexual Violence, Grievance and Ideology, and Extremism and Radicalisation.

We work with both those who need safeguarding – primarily young people and children – and those who have a duty of care to safeguard them – their parents and professionals they come into contact with, such as teachers, doctors, nurses and community leaders.

Ultimately our aim is to create more cohesive societies with greater tolerance, understanding and resilience that prevent negative messages and behaviour from thriving.

We can only do that by safeguarding those most at risk and providing the people who care for them with the tools, skills and confidence they need to successfully guide and support them.

The Need for Our Work

Division can be felt within our communities more than ever before. Events on both a national and global scale are adding pressure to already fractured communities. Far right and Islamic extremism; knife crime and gang violence; child sexual exploitation and online grooming; and, of course, the rise of racism and intolerance, are all driving people apart.

Within so many views and opinions being shared through an even greater variety of media sources, it is difficult for anyone, and especially children and young people, to keep a sense of perspective, to be resilient, and to identify what’s real and what’s fake.

Many of our front line practitioners who work with children and young people on a daily basis are not equipped to put into practice the safeguarding legalisation that is so vital to protect those in their care.

Which is where we come in…

What Makes SSG Special

Earned and learned
Our team have been safeguarding practitioners for many years and draw on their specialist knowledge to connect with those they work with. Our trainers and workshop facilitators also have very pertinent and personal experience of the safeguarding issues they are training people and children to be resilient against. We count those who have been involved in gangs, far right activism, drugs addiction and Islamic extremism as part of our team – their first-hand experience brings the reality of our work into context in a powerful way.

The diversity and experience of our team enables us to connect with an audience of adults and young people that is typically hard to reach. Our approach is not only invaluable to teachers, schools and safeguarding leads, but directly in the community through mosques, community centres and also other grass-root organisations that support vulnerable people.

Our Team

Kashan Amar

Head of Strategy

Sasha Smajic

Head of Programme Delivery

Paul Smith

Training Manager